Web Tools…

Untuk anda yang baru belajar membuat Situs/ Blog coba saja untuk menggunakan fasilitas-fasilitas yang saya sediakan di bawah ini…


  • Counter Stats Counter Stats – Learn everything you need to know about your site’s visitors.
  • Calendar Calendar – Keep track of your life right from your website.
  • Guestbook Guestbook – Let your visitors leave messages for you or the world.
  • Fast URL Redirect Fast URL Redirect – Redirect your visitors to the URL of your choosing.
  • Horoscope Horoscope – Give your visitors their horoscopes each and every day.
  • Headline News Headline News – Provide up-to-the minute news for your visitors automatically!
  • Photo Center Photo Center – Display your favourite photos in our online photo album.
  • Password Gate Password Gate – Password protect your site to restrict access.
  • Today in History Today in History – Display interesting and entertaining historical facts on your site.
  • Template Gallery Template Gallery – Choose from over 500 professionally designed web templates.
  • Web Journal/Blog Web Journal/Blog – Share your thoughts with this fantastic online diary service.
  • E-cards E-cards – Give your visitors their horoscopes each and every day.
  • Daily Cartoon Daily Cartoon – View fresh and funny Randy Glasbergen cartoons every day.
  • Site Ring Site Ring – Create and maintain your own community of similar websites.
  • Free Links Free Links – Promote reciprocal linking with other websites to build traffic.
  • Traffic Exchange Traffic Exchange – Increase the hits to your site exponentially with this great tool.
  • Site Search Site Search – Enable visitors to do keyword searches on your website.
  • FAQ Service FAQ Service – Develop a frequently asked questions service for your site.
  • Email ForumsEmail Forums – Receive feedback or information from you visitors via email.
  • Live Chat Live Chat – Chat in real-time with people who are visiting your chat room.
  • Guestmap Guestmap – Your visitos can add a pin to a map to show where they live.
  • Message Forum Message Forum – Our terrific message forum features many popular features.
  • Mailing List Mailing List – Inform your visitors of site changes or product news.
  • Vote Caster Vote Caster – Set up surveys, quizzes, and polls in just a few minutes.
  • Mini Poll Mini Poll – Tap into the minds of your visitors with this useful service.


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